Beloved, I’m more confident in the lord our God that all is well with you. Good evening, wether good or bad, we say good evening.

As good as the evening is, I would like to say one bad thing:|YOU WILL FAIL|, I’m sorry but that’s the truth, embrace it. Oh dear, there is one single thing that can drive you from what I earlier said ” you will fail” and that single thing is |choosing not to only exist but live|

Life is full of many choices out of which you are to choose from. Try things, make mistakes and fail. This is the only way you can succeed. Bilgates said it this way and I love it, he said “get out there and get your hands dirty”-(Bill gates).

I would be happy to succeed together with you.Even as you go to bed, pray and plan for tomorrow- p2.


Good evening, I have come to your home to motivate you to go through the night refreshingly. -Think about the choices you make more than your gifts – Be yourself even when it means being unpopular. – There is no single human anywhere who cares about you, work 10000 hrs a day to achieve your dreams.


If not 100% true too, at least the most reason why people, especially the youths fail in life is self love.

To be successful, you need to love yourself enough to hurt yourself; you must dare things and take risks. Take for instance the seed, for it to grow and bear fruit, it must first be buried to die before it can germinate and bear fruit.

Take risks, make mistakes, you will fail but you will succeed when you love yourself enough to bury yourself.


Good evening, how was the day?

I understands you might be tired by now, but use the last energy to do this “one thing every success seeker does before going to bed”

Here is the thing: list down all the activities for tomorrow. The reason is that, your mind would get prepared for these activities as you read them through, hence making them easier for the mind and yourself to do them tomorrow. Good night.

We Love you!


I’m very much excited to come your way in your homes. How are you?

I would like to use this opportunity to beseech you to scale up your strength along with your energy even as things are getting more harder.

I would want you to do one more thing although you are doing well;plan the next day’s activities ahead in the evening before you sleep, do the hardest thing first in the morning. Do the hardest thing first.

It’s risky not to take risks.

Out of studying so many successful men both in business and in real life, I have realized that, one single thing that they all share in common is “taking risks”,and this is responsible for their success but the opposite is for those who don’t take risks.Think about Bilgates, Jack Ma, Steve Job and the likes and their works . What brought these men to their current place of value which have made them recommendable to all success seekers was their early risks they took as they have decided to make the world a better place for all men.I dare you to do more!